Granite Information

Kitchen Countertops Toronto offers the finest granite kitchen countertops in Toronto, along with our wide variety of other materials to fit whatever dream you have for your home.

What is granite Information ?

Granite is a naturally occurring igneous rock which is made up of several other minerals including quartz, feldspar and others. The natural variations in the amounts and proportions of each mineral is what gives granite its wide variety colors, textures and patterns, allowing it to be one of the most versatile materials available for structural as well as decorative installations.

Where is granite used?

Granite is extremely dense; this makes it capable of supporting large loads, allowing for a much more attractive alternative to concrete as a structural material in many commercial settings.

Its natural crystalline patterns allow for it to be polished after cutting, leaving a beautiful and extremely durable finish as kitchen countertops in Toronto homes.

The combination of granite’s natural beauty and strength makes it a popular choice for outdoor memorials and statues as well. Granite’s use for this purpose can be dated back as far as the 26th Century BC in Egypt! If it can survive that long outside and exposed to the elements, you can imagine that it will last as long as you live in your home.

How do I care for my granite countertops?

Another great benefit to having our team of granite kitchen countertop installers in Toronto renovate your kitchen is the ease of care that comes along with your new granite countertop.

Tile countertops have course grout lines and can trap food and stains and be nasty to try and clean, while granite with its smooth and seamless surface has no such issues. When you first get your granite countertop, you should apply a sealer designed for granite according to the directions on the container, and reapply as instructed, usually every 2 years or so.  After your countertops are properly sealed, you’ll simply wipe up any spills with a sponge or towel and warm water and your countertops will be looking spotless for years to come.

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