Etobicoke, ON

Whether your house seems to exude rustic charm and old-age elegance or it looks more as if it belongs to a contemporary home design magazine, one important consideration you must give attention to is the Etobicoke, ON kitchen countertop you’ll be using. After all, the kitchen is one of the most utilized areas in a house and will often be exposed to guests too. Keep in mind that the countertop you will use can make or break its entire look and feel.

Rio Stone is well-known in Canada to be a top player in the industry of kitchen countertops. With our proven track record and amazing products and services, you’ll definitely be a winner when you choose us.

Choosing Your Kitchen Countertop According to Use

When you swing by our office for your free consultation, one of the main points of discussion will be how you intend to use your Etobicoke, ON kitchen countertop. If you’re a baker, for example, it would be good to pick the material that is safe for cutting ingredients and rolling dough. If you love to cook, it’s great to have a huge surface where you can lay out various ingredients. You should also obtain the countertop that can withstand a high level of heat so it’s easy to lay down pots and pans straight from the stove.

The Theme and Style of Your Kitchen

Another main consideration that will be discussed with you is the theme and style of your existing kitchen or the new one you’re having constructed. If it’s inclined toward the modern with a cozy touch, granite can do the trick. If you want a dramatic effect for a contemporary but homey kitchen, you can go for marble or onyx. On the other hand, silestone and caesarstone may be more suited for country-style classic themes.

Nevertheless, all of the materials can be used for different styles and themes as long as you choose the color and texture well and also pick a countertop layout or design that matches the surroundings.

With Rio Stone, you don’t need to worry about which one to pick because our topnotch designers will help you. Moreover, we’ll show you illustrations and templates that you can choose from or even design a custom one. Our professional installers will also ensure the best services and most stable, precise installation.

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