Newmarket, ON

Would you like to eat breakfast in total relaxation on top of a smooth, beautiful Newmarket, ON kitchen countertop? How would you also love to prepare your home-cooked food on a very attractive and durable countertop? Naturally, it is essential to have a nice-looking and highly functional countertop because this is one of the main highlights of a kitchen.

Rio Stone is truly committed to providing the residents of Canada with amazing kitchen countertops made of long-lasting and sturdy material that is very pleasing to the eye. We have been in this industry for many years, and have a proven track record in delivering outstanding products and services.

Superior Range of Kitchen Countertops

Whatever type of material you’re picturing for your own Newmarket, ON kitchen countertop, we can offer you the best in the market. We carefully select our slabs in order to provide the most robust yet interesting, delightful patterns and designs. You can choose from quartz, onyx, marble, quartzite, silestone, granite, glass2, and zodiaq.

Depending on the theme, style, and purpose, Rio Stone kitchen specialists can recommend a few materials that you can choose from. We’ll also help you decide on which color combination to pick that’ll blend well with your kitchen interiors.

Moreover, we’ll give you a hassle-free process from design discussions and measurements to actual installation of the countertop.

A Dependable Industry Leader

Rio Stone is a dependable industry leader that will never let you down. We have proven ourselves worthy and efficient to plenty of clients in the past. We can assure you of high quality products that will not fade, warp, stain, or easily break over time. We also employ the best professionals to walk you through the process of selecting the most suitable countertop for you, as well as ensuring proper installation of your impressive Newmarket, ON kitchen countertop.

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