Pickering, ON

Imagine yourself serving coffee and snacks to your best friends at a kitchen island with a beautiful countertop. Picture yourself preparing to cook your children’s favorite dish on a very durable Pickering, ON kitchen countertop that does not get damaged easily and will never decay even after many years. These are just some amazing scenarios you can enjoy when you have a spectacular kitchen countertop to be proud of.

Rio Stone is the top provider of beautiful and highly functional kitchen countertops across the entirety of Canada. With our extensive experience and roster of clients who have all given us positive feedback, we can assure you that your kitchen is in very good hands if you choose to avail our products and services.

A Delightful Experience

You won’t just have a delightful experience working with our team of professional experts, we will ensure that the Pickering, ON kitchen countertop that you’ll get from us will certainly provide you with an even more pleasing experience as you enjoy it for a lifetime.

Depending on the look that you desire for your kitchen, our remarkable designers can assist you in choosing which one is the most suitable. We offer the following materials: granite, quartz, quartzite, silestone, onyx, marble, caesarstone, zodiaq, and glass2. Rest assured that each one comes with its own unique beauty and allure while also performing above standards.

A Cost Effective Choice

Instead of opting for wood which can rot, warp, and get damaged easily, you ought to go for one of our materials which can be a bit more costly but will be cost-effective in the long run. After all, these are of very low maintenance and will not require constant repairs and replacements for numerous years.

Rio Stone has a vast selection of beautiful slabs that you can check out live in our showroom. We can guarantee competitive rates, the services of skilled and experienced professionals, as well as utmost care for all our clients. Best of all, you’ll surely achieve your dream Pickering, ON kitchen countertop!

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