Our Materials

Kitchen Countertops Toronto offers one of the widest selections of the finest our materials for kitchen countertops in Toronto. With our materials access to thousands of domestic and imported slab in a broad rainbow of colour options, we guarantee we can find the perfect material for you project, no matter what that project might be.


Glass2 is a fantastic new material which is made of 99% recycled glass, so it is one of the most environmental choices available in kitchen countertop fabrication. It also will not absorb any liquid and therefore it will never stain, even with acidic liquids or red wine! Kitchen Countertops Toronto offers many different colour patterns, so we can find the perfect one to match your home’s décor.


One of the classic choices for kitchen countertops, granite has been a favorite choice of designers and architects as far back as ancient Egypt! Granite offers an unmatched combination of strength and beauty that makes it the optimal choice for almost any application.


Much like granite, the beauty of marble has been appreciated by builders since ancient times. Our vast selection of marble colours and patterns run the full range from subtle to bold, so you can find a slab that not only matches the colours of your home, but also put a hint of your personality into it as well.


Onyx is a beautiful stone with looping and swirling patterns running through it. It is also translucent, meaning that light can flow through it, allowing it to be backlit in some applications leading to very unique and dramatic finished projects.


Caesarstone quartz countertops are an artificial surface made up of 93% natural quartz and 7% bonding ployresin. This process allows for the natural hardness for quartz while also providing the consistent coloring that simply can’t be found in nature.


Quartzite is a naturally occurring stone formed when sandstone is heated and compressed deep within the earth’s crust. This process creates a very hard surface that is resistant to scratches and acid etching, meaning that your countertops will look brand new for many years to come.


Another option in manufactured stone surfaces, Silestone is crafted from natural quartz and manmade resins to create and hard and nearly maintenance free surface when compared to most other stone countertop options. With over 50 colour options to choose from, Silestone is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for Toronto kitchen countertops.


Zodiac manufactured stone from DuPont is made from quartz and resins much like Silestone and Caesarstone, allowing for a surface that is highly resistant to chipping, scratching and heat. Unlike most natural stones it is non-porous making it nearly invulnerable to staining or etching without the need for sealers.