Services for Kitchen Countertops Toronto

As a full services for Kitchen Countertops Toronto custom stone fabrication shop, can help you to make all of the custom stone work in your dream home or business become a reality. In addition to be one of the premiere, Toronto kitchen countertop installation companies, we also specialize in architectural stone work for every part of your building. We divide all of these projects into three basic categories; Kitchen, Bathroom and General.

Services Kitchen Countertops Toronto

We have specialized in the finest kitchen countertops in Toronto for the past 5 years and plan to keep working for you for years to come. We can design, fabricate and install countertops in a wide variety of styles, colours, thicknesses and materials. No matter what design you have in mind for the rest of your kitchen, our selection of thousands of both Domestic and Imported slabs will be sure contain something that will match the rest of your design perfectly.

Service Bathrooms Countertops Toronto

When most people think of granite, their first thought is generally kitchens, but why not continue that classic look throughout your house and into your bathroom? We can make your bathroom a place of beauty with a countertop made of our fine granite, quartzite or other slab. Or we can go beyond that traditional type of placement and make a unique bathroom surround or even a covering for the walls that will give your home the atmosphere of a high end hotel or classic European spa.


This is where our and your creativity can really shine. Our skilled and experienced technicians can do nearly anything you can imagine wanting done is stone, in any room of your home or business. Are you a wine or liquor enthusiast? We can help you design a custom quartzite top for your personal wet bar and a matching drink rail around your living room. Are you the type who likes to have friends over to watch a movie on your huge, Hi-Def TV? We’ve made several beautiful entertainment centers, and can make you one too that will really make the screen the center of attention and you the envy of your friends. Maybe neither of those sound great to you, would you rather just sit around the fire and enjoy a good book with your significant other? Well, you’re in luck. We can make fantastic fireplace surrounds that will give you that super high class, or ultra-rustic look that will fit perfectly in your home and make those cold winter nights even more enjoyable than you’ve ever imagined

All this and more can be done by our team of the best Toronto kitchen countertop experts, but they can’t do it until you call or stop in and tell them what your dreams are. What are you waiting for? Stop by our shop or call to take that first step opens the door to your dream home.